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Starry Galaxy Projector With Bluetooth Music Speaker

Starry Galaxy Projector With Bluetooth Music Speaker

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Smart Galaxy LED Projector + Speaker

Create the vibe in any room and transform your space into an inspiring, dream-like paradise with this awesome galaxy projector with built in speaker!

Comes with multiple colour, brightness and flow pattern settings, as well as built in bluetooth speaker, nebula laser star light and easy to use remote - this is the gadget you didn't know you needed, until now...

Have you always wanted to sleep among the stars?

 This laser projector will transform any room instantly.  Visit the closest Nebula and star galaxy.  Imagine you are transported into the aurora borealis and live among the waves of the northern lights. 

Design your perfect image with up to 21 projection modes and 10 colors, mix and match to achieve multiple shades and effects.  Then add mood music to match any occasion be it a relaxed evening, romantic vibes, colorful sleep patterns or a party atmosphere.


Set a Timer:  (1hr/2hr/4hr) to power off automatically when not in use or when using as a night light.


A stylish, interactive device that turns any room into your own personal galaxy. With user-friendly control and endless customizable effects, say goodbye to other overpriced and outdated lights.


Simply plug it in, kick back, relax, and enjoy the jaw-dropping galactic display from the comfort of your own home. When positioned correctly, it can fill up any sized room with stars and clouds.


With our app control, effortlessly swap between millions of colors and 5 lighting modes. Additionally, you can dim the projector, turn timer mode on, and adjust speaker volume.

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